the largest possible Eris is still smaller than the smallest possible Pluto

The results are still being published, but Drs. Alain Maury and Bruno Sicardy, both of which witnessed the event, say that the largest possible Eris is still smaller than the smallest possible Pluto.Would Doc Brown been so keen to kill off Pluto had he known Eris was smaller?”Maybe,” Dr. Brown said, although as he tells in his unapologetically replica Movado 605097 WoMen's watch titled book “How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming,” he thinks the International Astronomical Union got it right.Everything is still up in the air (pardon the pun) regarding the two dwarf planets, mainly because we have no real way of knowing how large they truly are.Initials estimates by Brown had Eris at 2,400 kilometers in diameter.

Later, bouncing infrared light off of Eris had her measuring up at 3,000 kilometers. The latest measurements suggest a diameter somewhere around 2,360 kilometers.Pluto itself has been shrinking for years. We initially believed it to be the same size of the Earth. It's been steadily shrinking since then, much to the amusement of scientists.In replica Movado 605093 WoMen's watch 1980, Alexander J. Dessler, now at Texas A&M University, and Christopher T. Russell of the University of California, Los Angeles, published a graph of the mass estimates through the years and jokingly predicted that Pluto would disappear entirely in 1984. “Those of you interested in observing Pluto should hurry,” they wrote.

Why the different sizes? Well it's quite far away. You try measuring it. Can you? No? There you go.Various methods have been attempted with obviously varied results. Some suggest the atmosphere of Pluto bends light, which would make it even more difficult to measure correctly.Still, the range of possible Pluto sizes seems to replica Movado WoMen's Stainless Steel overlap the possible Eris sizes. “If you looked at the two of them right next to each other sitting in space, they would look to be exactly the same size,” Dr. Brown said. “You couldn't tell by eye until you took out your really, really big ruler.

How odd it is that gamers can decide that a signature component of the creations they play can be turned off

How odd it is that gamers can decide that a signature component of the creations they play can be turned off. It does makes sense. Games are the entertainment of meddlers and tinkerers. We, the players, will change them to suit ourselves. We don't merely observe or consume when we play a video game. We poke. We bend the rules. replica Movado 600457 WoMen's watch Sometimes, we control the camerawork. Often, we speed up or slow down our hero's journey. On many days, on the C train and elsewhere, we confirm by our actions that we don't believe video game music always matters.We take a risk ignoring video game music, because we can and because it suits the behavior of a gamer. I'm now one of those people.

I hope I don't miss something great.PIC”Nearly four and a half years after Pluto was demoted from planet to dwarf planet, astronomers are still trying to figure out how big it is. The title of Largest Dwarf Planet in the Solar System hangs in the replica Movado 604552 WoMen's watch balance!Six years ago professor of planetary astronomy Michael E. Brown saw an object in the sky that he was positive was larger than Pluto, the then ninth planet in our solar system. With Pluto's status as an actual planet being hotly debated at the time, Brown's discovery of this new, larger object was the nail in the planet Pluto's coffin.

Pluto was reclassified a dwarf planet, the same as several objects located in the Kuiper Belt, a band of frozen debris that circles the sun out past the orbit of Neptune. So was Brown's tiny shining object. He named it Eris, after the Greek goddess of discord.All hail Eris! All hail Discordia! Sorry, had to get that out of the way.Eris, as it turns out, replica Movado 604692 WoMen's watch is living up to its name.It turns out Eris might not be as large as Brown first expected.In November a group of astronomers witnessed Eris passing in front of a dim, distant star. By measuring how long the star disappeared behind Eris they were able to calculate the size of the dwarf planet.

I decided that the purity of listening to a game's audio was less important

I decided that the purity of listening to a game's audio was less important than playing a fun game while catching up on the day's global news. I must have decided this in the location where I most often play iPhone games: the New York City subway. On the C train, in the summer of 2010, I had become one of those people who didn't think music in replica Movado 0605093 WoMen's watch video games was essential.Through the fall, I continued to treat game music as an optional garnish. As I never had before, I sometimes chose to ignore it.Not every part of a video game is essential. There is some debate about whether writers are necessary for the creation of a good video game.

Game designers can just write their own scripts, some say. And while a game can have dialogue, it is still not required for a game to have voice-actors. The dialogue could be presented as text.Games are the entertainment of meddlers and tinkerers. We, the players, will change them to suit ourselves.Until 2010 I'd never have put replica Movado 605090 WoMen's watch composers in that camp of video game non-essential personnel. I'd have lumped them with the people responsible for sure that the games I play look good or have impressive sound effects or doesn't crash.

A game couldn't be made without the people responsible for those tasks, and, if it was, it certainly couldn't be enjoyed.I've met video game musicians. I'd been to their studios. I've seen the hard work they do. Until 2010 I felt they were required. In 2010, however, my behavior proved they were not. These men and women who replica Movado 600456 WoMen's watch helped instill great memories in my brain were creators whose work I was now sometimes choosing to ignore. It felt wrong, but it felt inevitable.How strange and yet how appropriate it is that we gamers think we can do this.

a fact which may have finally given me the courage to turn the volume down in a video game

Horses don't have stereos, a fact which may have finally given me the courage to turn the volume down in a video game. I enjoyed Red Dead's score, but I was comfortable with quieting it. I believe that urge came from my 21st-century desire to multi-task. On my iPhone, I was behind in listening to podcasts. I had backlogged the device with audio files about the national news and about video games and about This American Life. In the world of replica Movado 0605348 WoMen's watch my TV where the West was rendered, a cowboy didn't need to hear a soundtrack, I reasoned. In the world of my couch on which I sat, game controller in hand, I could have an iPhone playing back something I just needed to hear.

Utility trumped the pure appreciation of an artistic work. Efficiency superseded focus.After I turned the volume down once, it was easier to do it repeatedly. Soon, many of Red Dead hero John Marston's long gallops across the west were accompanied by iPhone audio in my ears.I am aware of the risks I took. Red Dead Redemption, I learned the right way, improves its own beauty during one remarkable and required long transitional replica Movado 600456 WoMen's watch journey by playing one of the game's very few songs. I had no podcast playing when the song began.I played Red Dead Redemption in the spring. By the summer I was playing through entire games on my Wii or PlayStation 3 with backlogged podcasts playing in my ear.

I would quiet them during a game's dialogue scenes. Sometimes I would listen to the game, but lower the volume and reach for my iPhone if I'd failed at a challenge. If I was going to have to re-play part of a game, I reasoned, I didn't have to re-listen to it as well. I could listen to something else, even just for 30 second, 30 minutes or however replica Movado 605128 WoMen's watch long I was repeating something I'd seen and heard but not correctly done before.During the summer I learned by accident that some iPhone games that I enjoyed, such as Drop7 or Tilt To Live, could run while the audio version of The Newshour With Jim Lehrer played in my ears. I liked the Tilt To Live soundtrack, but I liked doing two things at once better.


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Work on its development began in 1952 in L'Ile (the building on theRhone River 'island' that has housed Vacheron Constantin's historical premises since 1875) and it was presented for the brand bicentenary celebrations in 1955 under the name Calibre 1033. Its 9-lignes or 21. 05 mm diameter and 1. 64 mm thickness have made it the world's smallest mechanical movement on the market. By way of comparison, this micromechanical masterpiece composed of 120 parts is about the size of a modest Swiss 20-centime coin. This now replica Oris 635-7588-7069MB Men's watch legendary calibre (of which the excellence was to be confirmed by the subsequent orders placed by other wonderful names in fine watch) was used to equip 3 round watches that set a new record as the world's thinnest watches measuring just 4. 54 mm thick.

Click here for more information and pictures of the replica Omega 2102.30 watch PloProf re-release. Hodinkee in Omega, Omega Seamaster PloProf Wednesday, March 25, 2009 at 6:47PM If you didn't hear, the US beat England in the first round of World Cup action on Saturday (juuuuuust kidding, ProdigalGuide!).Germany squashed the Soccer-roos (sorry TheWatchLounge), and the Netherlands benefited from FratelloWatches and Monochrome coming off the bench to score two second half goals to defeat Denmark.Clearly the world of watches, like the world of soccer, is as international as it gets.So, today, we will be showing you a soccer-themed watch.

And it's not Maradona's Hubloting from 1969 is the very rare and very cool Omega Seamaster Soccer timer.It is often referred to as a referee's replica Omega 951460.75 watch because it features a distinct 45 minute timer and bright orange hands.There were a few different versions of the Soccer timer made by Omega, with the most collectable being that with the roulette wheel inner rotating bezel.This particular model doesn't have that, but it does have a caliber 861 movement inside, which is the same as used in the venerable Speedmaster for many years.So, if you want a watch to keep track of all those games coming up over the next few weeks, you could do no better than this 1969 Omega Seamaster Soccer Timer.